Mother Moon Pearl Necklace


A luminous white pearl, delicately suspended in an artfully crafted sterling silver setting.  The Winter Moon Necklace is engendered by the luminescence of the full moon at Wintertide.

  • Consciously sourced sterling silver and pearls
  • Freshwater round 6 mm white pearl
  • Diameter 9 mm
  • Sterling silver chain 16"
  • Available in gold. Inquire for details
  • Sold Out? Each pair of earrings are made in small quantities to insure quality and craftsmanship.  If sold out, please contact me to order a pair.

As biological gems (produced by living organisms rather than the earth), every natural pearl varies slightly in form, colour, and size. I only use natural pearls in my jewellery, so each product of the same design is unique. These differences are minor, and the pair of earrings you receive will closely resemble those pictured.

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