Vicki Westgate

Vicki Westgate is a geologist’s daughter who spent much of
her childhood exploring excavation sites and marvelling at the beauty and variety of freshly unearthed gemstones, fossils, and metals.

 Vicki Westgate’s work is created with legacy in mind and honours jewellery as an intrinsic manifestation of culture, beauty and physical environment. Whether it be a contemporary heirloom, wedding band or casual luxury for its own sake, the jewellery we wear is a powerful symbol for the connections, moments and history that define us.

Her Intention

Vicki Westgate drawing ring designs in her sketchbook

Today, Vicki embraces environmentally sustainable and ethical sourcing practises that guarantee the integrity of the materials in her work. She hand-selects each pearl, diamond, and gemstone she uses and designs every collection and bespoke piece only after a rigorous sourcing process.

Her Work

Vicki Westgate making jewellery at her bench

Vicki Westgate Fine Jewellery is based in an intimate studio-gallery in Kingston, Ontario. Trained in classical metal smithing, Vicki brings a holistic approach to her creations by integrating her knowledge as a Reiki Practitioner into the production of each jewellery piece.