Vicki Westgate Fine Jewellery uses the highest quality materials to handcraft timeless Jewellery. Your jewellery is precious. Here are some tips for helping you to keep it looking its best.

Sterling Silver. 

Sterling silver is good for everyday wear and is durable. Sterling silver oxidizes which gives the surface a dark tarnished appearance. A polishing cloth will remove tarnish. Avoid Sterling silver jewellery coming in contact with harsh chemicals, chlorine and chlorinated pools can permanently tarnish and etch the surface of the jewellery.  It is recommended that after polishing with a polishing cloth. Gently rinse the item in warm soapy water to remove residue from cloth. Pat dry making sure no water droplets remain on item. Air dry. A good polishing cloth can also remove small scratches that appear on the metal surface. 


Gold is a soft metal that has wonderful properties for fabricating jewellery. We use 14 KT and 18 KT gold: the higher the Karat the softer the metal.  Avoid contact with abrasive materials as it can scratch. Gold has the beauty of not tarnishing. To keep it looking its best, polish your gold jewellery with a polishing cloth from time to time to bring back the bright lustre It may also take out any small scratches that appear on the surface.


All gemstones in Vicki Westgate Fine Jewellery are natural. For further questions about a specific gemstone care please contact:


Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring mineral in the world rating a 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.  They are known for their bright refractive colour spectrum.  Keeping your diamond sparkling by cleaning in an ultrasonic machine ( best method) or gently washing with warm water and a toothbrush. Pat dry. Diamonds attract soapsuds to its surface which can render it dull over time. Avoid putting the diamond under undue pressure stress. It is a crystal so it can crack or cleave under certain extraordinary conditions.